Containers & PaaS

  • Cross-Functional Audience
    • OpenShift Toolkit

      A collection of starter samples to help stand up and manage OpenShift, if you are new to the CoP and are not sure where to look first, start here

    • OpenShift Applier

      An Infrastructure as Code framework for managing OpenShift Resources

  • Developer Focused
    • Containers Quickstarts

      A collection of container images for use with OpenShift, including S2I base images, stateful apps, builder images, and tools

    • Container Pipelines

      A set of sample Jenkins pipelines that run on and deploy to OpenShift

    • OpenShift Pipeline Library

      A Jenkins Global Library containing common methods for pipelines in OpenShift

  • Operator Focused
    • CASL Ansible

      Automated provisioning and management of OpenShift Clusters

    • Infra Ansible

      Automated provisioning and management of various Red Hat and OpenShift infrastructure components